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About Us

Braces and Faces is a unique dental and orthodontic practice that focuses on preventative, customised and aesthetic dental treatments for children and adults. 


We recognise that our treatments are more than just “fixing teeth”, but analysing and treating smiles and faces.

Dentist Chairs

Our Mission

Our goal is to help patients achieve and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles that enhances facial aesthetics through a multi-disciplinary team of dentists in a friendly environment that puts patients first.

Core Values

Clinical Excellence 

Customer Service and Information



Orthodontics For All Ages

Braces and Faces provides many dental and orthodontic solutions that are customised, innovative, aesthetic and efficient. We understand that our treatment plans can play a huge role in our patients visual appearance and well-being. It is our goal to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile you're proud of.

Meet The Team

A superb team of dentists and specialists from a variety of backgrounds; that are highly educated and skilled with experience of working together on a multitude of complex cases. 

Well-trained and friendly hygienists that are detailed and thorough for children and adults. 

Caring and knowledgable nurses that facilitate patient needs and support clinical staff 

Experienced and multi-lingual staff (fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish)

Our Technology and Equipment

Digital treatment planning using the latest software (e.g. Digital Smile Design, Exocad, Cephmate, Bellus 3D) that details movements of the teeth, gums, smile and face. 

Digital scanning technology for impression free procedures, for comfort and accuracy. Providing the option of same day crowns and appliances.

Our Treatments and Philisophy

  • We recognise that every patient is an individual with different concerns, biology, expectations and social circumstances. We do our best to customise treatment options that fits the patient no matter how easy or challenging the case is. For example, from efficient alignment of the front teeth to complex cases that involve a team of dentists to provide dental, orthodontic, surgical and cosmetic treatments. 

  • Treating children and adults who are anxious or even phobic about dental treatment through a lot of patience, explanation, patient sensitive treatments, painless anaesthesia and sedation where necessary

  • Multiple orthodontic appliances that incorporate the benefits of various orthodontic appliances such as clear aligners, Lingual (behind the teeth) braces, Self-ligating brackets and pairing with a wonderful multi-discipline team including general, children’s, gum, implant and oral surgery dentists and specialists. 

  • Cosmetic and innovative treatments of the highest quality including veneers, bleaching options, gum contouring and botox for dental purposes. 

  • Treatments that help patients with jaw ache (TMD), snoring and sleep apnoea. 

Our Partners

Our award-winning sister practice, Central Smile can provide additional specialist and support services

Our partnership with Gleneagles to give patients the option of having complex treatment done in hospital for patients with special needs, complicated medical problems or for insurance purposes. 

"The Dental Lab” is our partner lab that provides excellent lab support, to ensure consistency, quality and efficiency. Simply put, the lab understands and matches our demanding clinical standards so we can deliver the best results.

Customised Treatment Plans

We provide customised multi-specialty treatment plans for each patient. 


No two patients have exactly the same dental issues, some are very minor, and some are severe. At Braces and Faces, it’s important that each patient is treated according to their individual needs. In our office, a treatment plan for each patient is tailored specifically to their unique needs using the most advanced dental equipment and software.

Our Promise

At Braces and Faces, we want to assure you that safety and quality are our top priority. We constantly strive for providing the best. Our goal is to offer our patients with the best dental products. We can’t put a price on quality and safety, rest assured we only provide the best products on the market, so you can feel at ease during any dental or orthodontic procedure. 


At Braces and Faces, we promise to:

  • Utilise the highest quality materials and products

  • Never reuse materials (e.g. braces or wires) 

  • Use the highest standards of sterilisation of instruments and disinfection of equipment 

  • Strive to provide customer service that goes beyond expectation 

  • Set out to see each patient in a timely manner, return phone calls, emails and messages promptly, and care for patients like family

  • Regular training and meetings to ensure we continue to maintain the above.

Brushing Teeth

Staff Training

Rest assured each member of our dental team is extensively trained in all facets of professional dental services. We regularly conduct training sessions and attend continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and services. 

Your World-Class Dental Practice

Our team ceaselessly strives to do our best to provide the best treatment and service your family deserves. 

We promise that our dental team puts patients first and will do our utmost to ensure you have the confidence and trust in your dental health and needs. 


Don’t hesitate to contact our office to arrange an appointment. On behalf of Dr. Baram and our entire staff, we look forward to helping you achieve the brilliant smile you deserve.

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